with Ondina Quadri, Alice Raffaelli

concept and direction Ana Shametaj

music composition and sound interaction design Andrea Giomi

graphics and video interaction design Fabio Brusadin

interactive system project mentor Stefano Roveda

dramaturg and light design Riccardo Calabrò

scenes and costumes Marialuisa Bafunno, Giulio Olivero

smartphone app development

production Kokoschka Revival



with the support of IntercettAzioni – Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia (a project by Circuito CLAPS e ZONA K, Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire), Motus (IT), Le Hublot – Chantier 109 (FR).

YOUFIGHT! is a ruthless contest with technology, where the virtual space prevails over the real space.
It is the story of two girls who work and live their daily lives online: two fighters who never look each other in the eyes, while absurdly sharing the same space in reality.
The themes and the context are the new entertainment forms in live streaming, the promotion and monetization of one’s image through the media, the wear of human relationships in the techno-capitalist dystopia.
There are three S which many fight for: Sex, Success, $$$. The phenomenon of online showbiz workers is constantly expanding, especially among the youngsters. From camgirls, through gamers, to influencers: they move on Instagram, Youtube or Twitch, producing streams of audiovisual content, free or for cash.
In the era of self-branding, of the dominating individualism, of the intimate and inseparable smartphone…YouFight! What are you fighting for?

Kokoschka Revival

Is an interdisciplinary artistic collective founded in Milan in 2013.
Its research moves crosswise in a dialogue between theatre, cinema and new technologies. Its productions include theatre shows, performances, experimental films and party-happenings – among which various performance events at Macao (Milan).
It took part into national and international residencies, mainly in France and Denmark.
The collective looks at the obscurity of the contemporary, jumping into high-risk investments and bringing to light the eternal revival of tradition.



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