The Plot Is The Revolution


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The Plot is the Revolution

Your whole life is a rehearsal


Motus has opened an enlarged and visionary front of observation, in order to “collect” imaginary projections of a “Tomorrow that makes all tremble”, moving swiftly across the intricate landscape of writers, philosophers, artists, comic book writers and revolutionary architects who have imaged (and still try to imagine) the Upcoming Future. From historical visions and cyberpunk, to completely hypothetical landscapes described by various collaborators-guests of the project.

The future, needless to say, is a dangerous area to enter, heavily mined and with a tendency to turn and bite your ankles as you stride forward.
James Graham Ballard, The Complete Short Stories, New York City: W.W. Norton & Company (2009).

We have been building a series of Public Acts, which, between utopias and dystopias, libertarian and catastrophic visions, see each time the engagement of Silvia Calderoni with different artists and free thinkers, young actors but also older people, animals, inhabitants of the net, economists, scientists, philosophers and political refugees… who are invited to give their “Long Goodbye to Today” and imagine, without limits or inhibitory factors, other forms of existence, resistance, subsistence, resonance, community, communication, cooperation, inhabitation… and, of course, revolution!

Each impulse, each stance implies a possible vision of the future, a change, a far away projection, whether political, economic or artistic…

This is a journey which we have subtitled “Encounters with extraordinary men, women and novels”, articulated in different performative actions andMucchioMisto Workshop residency-workshops, in various cities in Europe and the Mediterranean area.

The Plot is the Revolution was the first Public Act inaugurating in July 2011 this new itinerary and it was the extraordinary encounter between “two Antigones”, Silvia Calderoni and the mythical figure of contemporary theatre, Judith Malina, who, after having seen Too Late! in New York last year, fell so utterly in love with the company’s work that she asked to be on stage with Silvia… And we did it! Besides, it is in the direction of where “there is something breaking the order”, and wanting change, that we have decided to move with this new theatrical adventure, introduced by the confrontation with the outlook of an anarchic artist and activist like Judith Malina, a stubborn pacifist who has lived and seen so much.

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