In 2019 Motus launches Motus VAGUE, our project to support the production of independent shows and performances.

Motus Vague is a “house without walls” – as Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo wrote – among the first artists we “welcomed” in this new, rhizomatic, proliferation of Motus… In the past for some extemporaneous collaborations we had used the formula Motus Factory, then from the too abused term we came to the idea of ONDA/VAGUE, because it is with an incessant, unstoppable and wandering motion that we dedicate ourselves to the support of artistsə and emerging companies, who have collaborated with Motus (and/or are still part of it), or with whom a privileged dialogue was born, an affinity of intents and fantastic projections.

Motus Vague already operates, informally, since a few years, basically as logistic-organisational-administrative support for artists who don’t have a suitable structure to face the Kafkaesque bureaucratic demands that the live show system requires…

But with this communication we would like to go further: first of all, we would like to signal its existence as a fundamental part/component of our thirty years of artistic activity – which we would like to be less and less backward-looking, but open to listening to the new artistic constellations that – with great effort – are emerging. Then, also with the collaboration of other curators, we would like to extend the dialogue from the protection of the complex organisation of productions and tours (unfortunately we cannot intervene with economic support, but this too is a future prospect), to an organic confrontation on scenic forms and dramaturgy, putting in place support and tutoring paths. Let us be clear: our view is only another point of view, to be used as a possible propelling machine to investigate and deepen the dramaturgical choices, without in any way wanting to influence the sign of the work.

Motus Vague as wave, always the same and always different, transforms between storms and periods of flat calm, to keep alive the dialogue with the seabed and its new hidden creatures.


Fabbrica Europa

16 July 2024

Teatro delle Briciole
Parma (PR)
more info are coming

31 August 2024

The projects involved in Motus VAGUE

Salomè | madalena reversa

The latest production by madalena reversa. Salome is trope, biblical, modern and contemporary, a mirror of fallen humanity in a world of fallen institutions.


Manfred | madalena reversa

The second work by the duo Madalena Reversa, Manfred is an image that crashes us into the Romanticism of a pseudo-new age shrouded in a heavily darkened halo of darkness, distressing frequencies and metallic clangors, but where melancholic melodies and voices of a distant world still resonate in the distance.


Romantic Disaster | madalena reversa

A romantic gaze at the destruction of Nature and at Nature as a destructive force; a Hymn to Beauty that must not die and to the young souls who guard it. The work, premiering in September 2021 at Short Theatre, is by Madalena Reversa, artistic project created by Maria Alterno and Richard Pareschi.


La Vaga Grazia | Eva Geatti

Drawing from the novel Le Mont Analogue by René Daumal, this project marks the debut of Eva Geatti as a solo director – staging a composition for five young performers and a live-music score composed by Dario Moroldo.

The present is not enough | Silvia Calderoni+Ilena Caleo

Performance project by Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo. An aesthetic of collapse, the outdoor without rules. Battuages. We write about a utopia of bodies we do not experience – to which (we) do not have access. Of a poignant desire to be many, of a glimmering of possible futures.


thefutureisNOW? | Silvi Calderoni+Ilenia Caleo

Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo start from the bodily gesture and liquid substance of Zen for Head. Action in which Nam June Paik dips his head in paint and draws a line on the paper, and then leaves the work open to anyone who wants to reproduce it.


KISS | Silvia Calderoni+Ilenia Caleo

A workshop project by Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo, started at the Biennale Teatro in Venice in 2018 and presented at the 2019 edition of Santarcangelo Festival. It involves a large group of young performers and students in an intense improvisation and research work, in continuous transformation.


Ritual II Embrace the Darkness | Alos

The ALOS project is a collective experience, a sound and emotional journey integrating live music, vocal and electronic sound experimentation, performance and video art.



Sound Performance for Voice, Poetry, Electronics with and by NicoNote.
Sturm und Drang and freely drawn romantic crossing.


Emilio | Sarantopoulou+Quadri

Independent project by the artistic duo Ondina Quadri and Alexia Sarantopoulou. With Émile, the two artists investigate a new expressive language, an hybrid between live concert and visual arts.



Santarcangelo 2019 ©Claudia Borgia, Chiara Bruschini

©Sofia Borges

Romantic Disaster


The presente is not enough

©Rebecca Lena

La Vaga Grazia
©Elena Liscio


Ritual II Embrace the Darkness




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