devised and directed by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò

with Silvia Calderoni

visual design Francesco Borghesi (

sound design Enrico Casagrande, Roberto Pozzi

props: Giancarlo Bianchini/Arto-Zat

production by Motus with the collaboration of Galleria Toledo Napoli, L’Arboreto di Mondaino, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea MADRE Napoli, Progetto Geco – Ministero della Gioventù, Regione Emilia-Romagna

duration 35 min

Crac is bursting_breakage_fall_explosion_ fracture_dispersion and new rebirth of the pieces_

Crac is a non-theatre derivation from the project “X(ics) cruel tales of youth”.

Sound architecture that incorporates voices and noises from every city in which it is presented and transforms them into algorithmic itineraries, tracks and pixels.

A dancer-skater plunges through these geometries which define concentric spaces, cages, which delimit an inside and outside: tension in repossessing the outside, effort in broadening and expanding the inside, while the precision of physical exercise becomes the anatomy of a neurosis.

Crac as a small island of psychophysical-attitudinal resistance. Ultimate circumference of a world close to implosion-explosion: on the axis of this catastrophe a fragile white figurine tries, travels, fights, surrenders, gets up again, tirelessly seeking to redefine boundaries that tend to delimit, enclose, separate.

Everything seems to precipitate, decay… but in the end a new map grows out of the decomposition.

In the show X(ics) Cruel tales of youth there is an exhortation to create a choir of bodies, a physical emergency musical score in expectation of the planet’s X hour…

Crac is perhaps this attempt.

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