Black Med, Chapter VIII


April 21, 2024
h. 19:00
Teatro Galli – Sala Ressi



Black Med is the investigation and documentation project that Invernomuto has been pursuing since 2018: an ever-evolving archive of music and sound objects from the Mediterranean whose main output is accessible online at The archive arranges different songs, stories and paths are arranged in an uninterrupted and avowedly non-geographical selection.

Between different contexts and geographies, Invernomuto joins various fragments of a mosaic outlining a possible narrative of European identity, articulated and multifaceted, as opposed to xenophobic simplifications.

Black Med, Chapter VIII is conceived as an offline reconfiguration of the archive that is activated through a performative listening session supported by projected slides containing theoretical texts and backgrounds referring to the music, grouped by elegiac themes. A sound journey that crosses different borderlands, thwarting narratives based on the immobility of European borders: landlines, oceans, and borders armed by the European Union states are plowed through to show the incoherence of an idea of Europe that shuns its transnational and migratory roots.




Invernomuto is the name of the artistic personality created in 2003 by Simone Bertuzzi (Piacenza, 1983) and Simone Trabucchi (Piacenza, 1982), who work and live in Milan. Invernomuto authored a series of research projects structured in time and space, from which cycles of interconnected works derive. On a theoretical basis, Invernomuto tends to think in an open and rhizomatic manner, developing different outputs that take the form of moving images, sounds, performative actions and publishing projects within the framework of a practice defined by the use of different media. Reality is observed according to documentary principles and interests but aims to create an imaginative and almost abstract representation which offers wide margins for reflection and critical interrogation.



Black Med, Chapter VIII, 2022
Listening session, 45’
Commissioned by OGR Torino, The European Pavillion






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